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The Pacers have already failed Paul George


Paul George is 26 years old, still in his prime (despite his leg injury), and one of the best two-way players in the game. He’s grown up with the Pacers since they drafted him No. 10 in the NBA draft in 2010.

Since he recovered in sparkling fashion from an awful leg injury in the summer of 2014, the Pacers have spent the past three years trying to surround George with talent. But while trying to develop an identity, they’ve continuously failed, putting groups of mismatched players with mismatched styles around George.

In 2015 when George returned from his leg injury, the Pacers vowed to be a faster team. David West, the team’s vocal leader, took an $11 million pay cut to walk away. On the way out, he said he wanted to win now (hence, joining the Spurs) and didn’t like how Larry Bird treated Roy Hibbert in Bird’s postseason press conference. The Pacers then traded Hibbert to the Lakers.

Paul George’s free agency begins in the summer of 2018, so it’s Game Teddy Bridgewater Jersey easy to see why there is so much urgency with the Pacers front office to create a winning team now. As the Pacers trail the Cleveland Cavaliers 0-3 in their first round series, Paul George’s future becomes more and more unclear. Sure, it’s virtually impossible to beat LeBron in the first round of the playoffs. But Paul George has been so good, the Pacers could be up 2-1 if some things went differently here and there. If he had a better roster around him to push them over the hump, maybe they would have a chance in this Game Marshawn Lynch Jersey series.

It’s been an odd season for George, as the Pacers spent the final hours of the 2017 trade deadline mulling trade offers for their All-Star. This series, or the failed attempts at the trade deadline aren’t what failed Paul George. The Pacers started doing that long ago.