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Raiders rally to steal win over Texans in Mexico


It only felt like Derek Carr, Amari Cooper and the rest of the Oakland Raiders’ offense did not clear customs for the first three quarters of the first Monday Night Football game in Mexico in NFL history.

Turns out they were just biding their time, getting acclimated to the 7,382-foot Prince Amukamara Authentic Jersey elevation at Estadio Azteca, playing as poorly as they had in recent weeks before exploding in the fourth quarter for two touchdowns to pull out a 27-20 victory over the Houston Texans.

“There’s never a doubt in our minds,” Carr said. “There was never a doubt last year, there is never a doubt this year. It’s just, who’s going to make the play?”

Arians was released from the hospital Monday night and returned home after feeling ill. Arians was taken to the hospital because of chest pains, sources close to the situation told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The Cardinals said in a statement Monday that Arians experienced discomfort after he and the team returned from Minnesota, where Arizona lost 30-24 on Sunday.

That’s not impossible, of course. But it’s also not as easy as throwing a chip into a free-moving soccer ball.

You might ask: How can this be so hard? Tennis, after all, has been using electronic line judges forever. But Monday night in Mexico City, we never saw a definitive camera angle that could confirm whether Texans receiver DeAndre Hopkins stepped out of bounds en route to Roy Miller Authentic Jersey what could have been a first-quarter touchdown.

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick has advocated that the NFL install and standardize camera angles for the sidelines and goal lines in every stadium. If nothing else, that would give replay review officials an optimal chance to verify or reverse a ruling.

I found two answers when I investigated that possibility last year. First, the layout of the NFL’s 31 stadiums made it difficult to install a consistent angle. A perfect spot in one stadium might be partially blocked in another, creating the untenable possibility of replay adding to home-field advantage for some teams.

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